Procedure and Specialty Clinic Manager

Misty Bland, RN

Sheridan County Health Complex offers an outreach specialty clinic that includes six providers from larger facilities in order to provide more services to community members close to home. Listed below are each provider with corresponding descriptions of the services they provide to patients. If you feel that you would benefit from any of these services, please contact Misty Bland, Procedure and Specialty Clinic Manager, at 785.677.4137 for more information or ask your primary care provider for a referral. These providers have scheduled days they are in-house at SCHC to reduce travel for patients to their primary sites for consultations.

Dr. Rachel McArthur, Au-D, F-AAA

Dr. Rachel McArthur is a Board Certified Audiologist providing superior audiological services for eastern Colorado and northwest Kansas since 2006. She graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a clinical doctorate of audiology in 2006 and has since been dedicated to providing excellent hearing healthcare for all ages.

In 2006 she completed research addressing noise induced hearing loss in agricultural workers. Since receiving her doctorate, Dr. McArthur has continued to strive to promote healthy hearing practices with the primarily agricultural based communities of Eastern Colorado and Northwest Kansas.

In addition to board certification, she is currently a member of the Colorado Academy of Audiology and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. McArthur has served on the Active Kids and Teens Advisory board for Signia Hearing Instruments since 2015. She is the Audiology Regional Coordinator for Kit Carson, Lincoln, and Cheyenne Counties assisting with Early Hearing Detection and Intervention services for newborns. She has also provided educational audiology services for many of the rural school districts in Eastern Colorado. Dr. McArthur currently resides in Burlington, Colorado with her husband and children.

Services provided by Dr. McArthur at SCHC include: hearing examinations, Tinnitus evaluations and treatment, hearing aids, hearing aid repair and cleaning, ear wax cleaning, cochlear implant evaluations and management, and bone anchored hearing aids.

Dr. Richard Markiewicz, MD

Dr. Richard Markiewicz relocated to North Platte, Nebraska from Kearney, Nebraska with his wife, JoAnna, and their two young children, Rowan and Alex. He is an avid runner and enjoys traveling and fitness. He attended medical school at Southern Illinois University of Medicine in Springfield, Illinois. Dr. Markiewicz is a board-certified interventional cardiologist and endovascular specialist.

Dr. Markiewicz visits SCHC from Great Plains Health Heart Institute out of North Platte, NE. He provides pre- and post-op. consults with patients for many different endovascular and venous procedures as well as general cardiology care.

Dr. Charles Schultz, MD

Dr. Charles Schultz is a surgeon at HaysMed. He graduated from The University of Kansas School of Medicine. Dr. Schultz completed his residency at St. Luke’s Hospital/University of Missouri in Kansas City and is board certified by the American Board of Surgery. He specializes in general surgery and has been with HaysMed since 2006. Dr. Schultz has been conducting outreach clinics in Hoxie since 1991.

Dr. Kelly Gabel, DO

Dr. Kelly Gabel is originally from St. Francis. “I saw the needs in northwest Kansas while growing up in Cheyenne County. It was always my goal to return and provide what I knew we needed. Coming to Colby seemed to fall into place, and when we considered all aspects, it became an easy decision.” Dr. Gabel is married to Dr. Sarah Gabel and they have three children: Elijah, Aleha, and Korin. He enjoys wrestling, guitar, golfing, and hunting. He is dedicated to his family and faith.

Dr. Gabel received his Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. He completed his residency in General Surgery at Botsford Hospital in MI. “Of all my rotations, general surgery was the one that allowed me to use my hands as well as my knowledge and fulfill the vision I had growing up. I love that I can make a significant difference in a short amount of time. From caring for the critically injured, to screening for colon cancer, people come out of surgery and feel a relief they haven’t felt in months. I am able to see the impact I am having on my patients take place before my eyes. General surgery has also challenged me in ways I never would have thought, which keeps me focused and interested every day.”

Dr. Gabel visits SCHC from Citizen’s Medical Center in Colby. He specializes in general surgeries including the following: Laparoscopic procedures, gall bladder removal, appendectomy, hernia repair, hysterectomy, vasectomy, breast biopsy/mastectomy/breast conserving surgery, advanced intravenous access: PICC and Central Lines, bowel resection, colostomy, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, endoscopic procedures including colonoscopy and EGD, manometry, hemorrhoidectomy, and trauma care director.

Dr. Dusty Christensen, DPM, MHA

Dr. Christensen is a proud alumnus of the University of Arizona. He enjoys cycling, traveling, cooking, and is a lifelong fan of the Chicago Blackhawks. He loves music and is an accomplished saxophonist and guitarist. Having studied abroad in Germany, Dr. Christensen is nearly fluent in the German language. He and his wife, Sarah, relocated to North Platte, Nebraska from Kansas City, Missouri and have a 1 year old daughter named Cadence along with two dogs.

Dr. Christensen visits SCHC from Great Plains Foot and Ankle Specialists out of North Platte, NE. He provides comprehensive foot and ankle surgical and non-surgical care including the following: ankle arthroscopy, surgical foot and ankle reconstruction, heel and arch pain, acute and chronic sports injuries, wound care and infection management, diabetic foot care, foot and ankle trauma surgery, foot and ankle joint replacement, custom molded orthotics, Achilles ruptures and chronic tendonitis, and pediatric foot care.

Pain Management

Brad Wertz, CRNA

SCHC offers pain management injections by Brad Wertz, CRNA. Our pain management clinic does not prescribe or manage pain medications. The focus is on specific pain points and steroid injections to alleviate pain associated with them. Our pain management philosophy is to restore individuals to optimal healing with minimal use of pharmaceuticals. We focus on therapy.

Brad performs pain management injections including the following types: lumbar epidural injection, thoracic epidural steroid injection, cervical epidural steroid injection, diagnostic face or median branch block, intercostal nerve block, piriformis injection, joint/bursa injection, peripheral nerve block, occipital nerve block, and trigger point injection. Get your life back by removing the issues associated with constant pain.