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Integrated Health

At Hoxie Medical Clinic we are committed to Holistic Care. We know that our mental and physical health are intertwined. In holist care all components physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual are cared for. Just a few of the areas our Integrative Health Staff can assist are coping with life stressors, dealing with chronic illness, anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, crisis management, and behavioral change assistance in a variety of areas such as lifestyle change, nutrition adjustments, and medication adherence.

Services Provided:
  • Integrated Health Specialist Services – a qualified therapist who is part of a medical care team will come into your medical exam.
  • Traditional Individual or Family Therapy (Follow Up-Telehealth Sessions from the comfort of your home can be discussed.)
  • School-based Services – We have therapists providing in-school integrative health services for children in Hoxie, Selden, Hill City, and Oberlin.
  • Telehealth- Psychiatric care including medication assessments and management.
  • Neurofeedback- direct training of the brain in which the brain learns to function more efficiently.

Addiction Treatment

We have partnered with CKF Addiction Treatmen out of Salina to provide Telehealth Addiction Services to our patients. You are able to come into the Hoxie Clinic to receive assessments and individual sessions, adult or youth. You are able to connect from home to attend groups and serves from a recovery specialist. We can initiate this service with you or you can call directly #785-825-6224 and let them know you are calling in regards to the services in Hoxie. We will be happy to help you find out your options to get started or you can check out the website at ckfaddictiontreatment.org.