Long Term Care

We are a 32 bed Long Term Care Unit attached to a Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic. We have the best of both worlds. We are a short indoor walk away from providers, physical therapy, and emergency services; but yet we still have our own homelike environment. We have a newly remodeled kitchen and dining area where residents can choose their meals. We offer two meal choices as well as menu options such as hamburgers, chicken strips, onion rings, French fries, steak fingers, and more. In the Long Term Care lobby we have a fountain pop machine, lemonade, coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, milk, juice, and many snack options including our own popcorn machine. We also have a dining area right in the lobby.

Residents at Hoxie do not have to follow the traditional meal times; they can choose when to get up and when to eat. We also offer quite a variety of activities from traditional games such as bingo to outings, cooking, coffee clubs, art, and even video games such as the Wii; and much more. Every year we have a Craft Fair that exhibits art done at the LTC. Our residents also enjoy entering their projects into our local 4H during Hoxie’s Fair week. During this time we take the residents who want to go, up to the fair grounds to the exhibits and to the meal they offer there. We are always and will always be striving to be the best, so our family can enjoy life to the best.

Our staff here at the Sheridan Co. Long Term Care is the best in Northwest Kansas, as judged by the families that have and have had their loved ones here in our facility. It is our privilege to take care of your loved ones and in doing so they, and you, will become a part of our family as well. We know how hard of a decision it can be to place your loved ones in a 'new' place; but before you know it will hopefully no longer be 'new' but feel more like home.

SCHC Long Term Care currently has 2 semi private rooms available. Please contact Leslie Storer SSD at 785.677.4133 or Sabrina Lang DON at 785.677.4169. (This is subject to occupancy changes of the rooms.)

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Contact Info:
826 18th St. P.O. Box 167
Hoxie, Ks. 67740
Phone: 785.675.3802
Fax: 785.675.3372
Sabrina Lang, DON: slang@schcmed.com, 785.677.4169
Sarah Culver, ADON: sculver@schcmed.com, 785.677.4134